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Stockholm March 26, 2013
Starbreeze AB (publ)

Statement regarding the film posted on Internet containing the “PAYDAY Girl Contest” etc. Starbreeze did not release the film and it does not contain material approved by the company. Starbreeze and its wholly owned studio OVERKILL Software do not endorse the film and its message. The company has initiated an investigation to find out the facts about the film.

Starbreeze wants to emphasize that the company does not in any way share the attitude towards women portrayed in the film and the company vehemently distances itself from the film and its message. The film does not portray the company’s values. Starbreeze regrets that this film was made and posted on Internet and has initiated an investigation regarding the film, the posting and its message. The company takes this matter very seriously and will act accordingly.

Starbreeze CEO Bo Andersson Klint: “Over a period of time we looked at proposals for various marketing ideas for the “PAYDAY” movie project. This film was one of the proposed ideas that we, for obvious reasons, instantly rejected. ”

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