New website design!

18 January 2013 / / Corporate News

Today we published our newly updated website. We hope you like the new design!

This new site will be a continuously updated  source of info on anything Starbreeze and our games.


Here is a short guide to what’s new.

Home – This is where you get back to the main page.

News – This is where we post all our news. Corporate news are posted in Swedish.

The Company – Here you can read about Starbreeze.

Games – Want to know more about our games? This is the place.

Investors – This page is dedicated to Investors. This page is in Swedish.

Contact – Here you find our contact information.

Timeline – We’re very excited to introduce the Timeline. Read more about it there!


Update 21/01-13: We have updated several areas of the site.
Update 22/01-13: We have added all PDF. material to the investor page.
Update 23/01-13: We have added social media connections to all pages.
Update 24/01-13: We have added pictures of the board members as well as the CEO in the Investors page and Contact page respectively.


Next up, our website for OVERKILL Software will be updated too.


Starbreeze Studios