PAYDAY 2 goes Free-to-Play over the weekend

19 March 2014 / / Products

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Starbreeze AB, one of Sweden’s leading game developers, today announces that PAYDAY 2 receives its fifth free update on Thursday in the form of an add-on package named “The Election Day Heist”. This DLC is free for all players and contains a brand new three-day heist, a new free weapon and several other updates. For the first time ever PAYDAY 2 becomes a “Free-to-Play” game on PC between March 20- 24. Together with this a marketing promotion will be launched where PAYDAY 2 and its predecessor PAYDAY: The Heist are sold at 66-80 % sale until the 24th of March on the digital distribution service Steam.

“This weekend we launch the biggest digital marketing campaign in the history of the PAYDAY brand. PAYDAY 2 becomes – for the first time and only over a weekend – a “Free-to- Play” game that can be played for free by all 75 million users on Steam. In connection with this, we are launching a new heist as a free add-on package to attract both new and old players . Last but not least, we have a 66-80% sale on the entire PAYDAY franchise. This will be a very intense and exciting weekend for us.” Said Bo Andersson Klint , CEO Starbreeze AB.

For more information please contact:
Bo Andersson Klint CEO, Starbreeze AB
Tel: +46(0)8-209 208, email: [email protected]

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Brief information about Starbreeze:
Starbreeze is developing computer- and video games in-house and in partnership with leading international game publishers. Our game portfolio consists of ten full titles and numerous DLC packs, where PAYDAY 2 and Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons are the latest games to have been released. Starbreeze was founded in 1998 and has approximately 7 500 shareholders.
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