PAYDAY 2’s fourth DLC pack “Gage Mod Courier” will launch on Steam today.

10 April 2014 / / Products

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Starbreeze AB, one of Sweden’s leading game developers, today announce the fourth DLC pack for PAYDAY 2, titled “Gage Mod Courier”, is ready and goes live today. The DLC pack is available for purchase at $ 4.99 tonight on PC through Steam and other digital distribution channels.

“The fourth DLC pack that our fans have been waiting for is finally here. This time the DLC pack features no less than 28 new weapon modifications that the player can tinker with. These are obtained by picking up packages scattered around the heists, essentially making the player act as a courier for the arms dealer Gage. We are confident that this will make an already fun gaming experience even more enjoyable.” said Bo Andersson Klint, CEO, Starbreeze AB.


For more information please contact:
Bo Andersson Klint, CEO, Starbreeze AB
Tel: +46(0)8-209 208, email: [email protected]

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Brief information about Starbreeze:
Starbreeze is developing computer- and video games in-house and in partnership with leading international game publishers. Our game portfolio consists of ten full titles and numerous DLC packs, where PAYDAY 2 and Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons are the latest games to have been released. Starbreeze was founded in 1998 and has approximately 7 500
shareholders. See for more information.