News Sweep: The Walking Dead Unveil

15 August 2014 / / Corporate News

Disclaimer: The “Ad-Lib” category under our news section is a less formal format where we, from time to time, share fun, geeky, interesting and sometimes just plain silly, information with fans and visitors. See it more like a blog post format where we, the employees, can express ourselves within our areas of interest. 

So, have you heard? We’re making The Walking Dead. Overkill’s The Walking Dead, to be precise. Anyone trying to visit at approximately 18:01 Wednesday evening might have suspected something was up. Despite making diligent preparations in advance, the sheer number of visitors during the first 30 minutes of the reveal brought our web servers to near max capacity (that’s a peak, if ever I saw one).

During 35 days we have captured the interest of over 200.000 gamers at our What’s Next site, and below you can find some of the resulting news coverage after the announcement. Enjoy!

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