Jump on the Hype Train! OVERKILL – A Starbreeze Studio launches the community event of the spring

05 February 2015 / / Announcements,Corporate News,Products


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Today marks the official start of the “Hype Train event”. The Hype Train event is a PAYDAY 2 event going on between the 5th of February to the 12th of March. Heisters work together in order to unlock new free content for the community to enjoy. The content is ready to be released during the following “Spring Break” event in March.

Destination Rewards

As the Hype Train reaches each destination, its rewards will be unlocked for each PAYDAY 2 owner. For every destination reached, all PAYDAY 2 owners receive a 10% XP buff for the duration of the event. All destination rewards will be available to all PAYDAY 2 owners regardless of time of purchase.

Collect Hype Fuel Together

Collect Hype Fuel together with the community to unlock special community rewards. Whenever a DLC is purchased on Steam during the event, gallons of Hype Fuel are added to the Hype Train. When the Hype Train reaches a new destination, a new reward is unlocked for the community.

Hoxton Revenge Heist

There are plenty of rewards available for the most discerning heisters. How about a Mod Pack, unlocking many new weapon modifications for the collector in your gang? Or maybe you’re eager to find out who framed Hoxton? Make sure we reach that destination to find out in the Hoxton Revenge Heist.

Spring Break

Between 13-21 March we will host the Spring Break event where we give away all the free stuff that was unlocked during the Hype Train event. Just like during the Crimefest event last year, one new thing will be released each day.

To learn more about the Hype Train event visit the campaign site and read on the FAQ on https://www.overkillsoftware.com/thehypetrain/.

Watch the Hype Train-DLC trailer:

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