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17 April 2018 / / Announcements,Products


Leading up to the release of Somnium Games upcoming title Inked, out on Steam, April 26thas announced last week, aspiring adventurers can follow the prologue of Adam, the comic book artist and creator of the Nameless Hero on Youtube.

Inked, available in less than ten days on Steam at 19,99 USD, will additionally feature a separate package with a digital art book filled with the unique art style of the game, as well as the Original Soundtrack by composers Lovro Golac and Lovro Vukić, available at 4,99 USD.

A short preview of the soundtrack and art book is available below.

Developed by the Croatian studio Somnium Games, Inked is a puzzle-platformer where you play as the Nameless Hero, a Ronin character drawn by a comic book artist, Adam. Inked is a tale of love and vengeance and holds a unique visual art style as it’s illustrated on paper and viewed through the eyes of Adam.

By using simple geometrical shapes, you’ll solve puzzles and venture through Adam’s world to find Nameless Hero’s love Aiko, embarking on a journey that’ll forever change both of them.

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About Somnium Games

Somnium Games is a small indie game development team from Croatia. They are currently working on Inked, a puzzle platformer set on a drawing paper.



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