PAYDAY: The Heist PSN & PC Released 2011
PAYDAY 2 PC Released 2013
PAYDAY 2: Crimewave Edition PS4 & XBONE Released 2015
PAYDAY 2: The Big Score PS4 & XBONE Released 2016
OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead PC, PS4 & XBONE In Production 2018
Geminose Mobile In Production TBC
PAYDAY Crime War Mobile In Production TBC
Project Crossfire PC In Pre-Production TBC
Storm PC In Pre-Production TBC
PAYDAY 3 PC Design Phase TBA
Dead by Daylight PC Released 2016
John Wick Chronicles VR PC & LBE Released 9 Feb 2017
Dead by Daylight PS4 & XBONE In Production June 20/23 2017
RAID: World War II PC, PS4 & XBONE In Production Summer 2017
Psychonauts 2 Multiformat In Production 2018
System Shock 3 Multiformat In Production TBC
Deliver Us The Moon PC In Production TBC
Antisphere PC & Consoles In Production TBC
Elementerra VR PC In Production TBC
The Raft VR LBE In Production TBC
Hero VR LBE In Production TBC
APE-X VR LBE In Production TBC
Project Golem VR LBE In Production TBC

Titles and dates are subject to change. Latest update: May 5, 2017. TBC means To be Confirmed. TBA means To be Announced.