Tobias Sjögren

Acting CEO since October 2020, Member of the Board

Born: 1975
Education: EMBA Gruppen
Principal occupation: 
Since 1996, Tobias has been active in the computer game industry in production, business development, sales and management. Most recently, Tobias was CEO of the company White Wolf Entertainment and has previously worked at Paradox Interactive, Stardoll and the international agent company DDM Agents. Tobias was the head of DICE Stockholm’s studio while the first Battlefield game was launched 17 years ago. Tobias is currently the CEO of the company Fox in a Box.

Other assignments: CEO and member of the board in Fox in a Box Holding AB.

Holdings in the Company:

Tobias Sjögren is independent in relation to the Company, its management and major shareholders.

Mats Juhl

CFO since May 2020.
Born: 1973
Education: Masters Degree in Finance, Lunds University.
Background: CFO Mips AB (publ.), CFO Tengbomgruppen AB, CFO Sweden Arena Management KB (Friends Arena), Finance Director Ticnet AB, Eknomomichef Enea AB (publ.)
Other assignments: Owner Juhl Management AB
Holdings in the Company: Directly or indirectly owns 100 000 Class B shares.

Maeva Sponbergs

Chief Commercial Officer (2019), EVP of Communications (2017)
Born: 1980
Education: IT Project Management, IHM Business School.
Background: Eighteen years’ industry experience and many years of experience in communications and investor relations.
Other assignments: Alternate director of Board Nexus Sweden AB.
Holdings in the Company: Directly or indirectly owns 71 137 Class B shares.

Per Juhlén

Head of Production since 2019
Born: 1976
Education: -.
Background: Has substantial industry experience, latest from 7 years as Senior Development Director at DICE, Starbreeze (2011-2012) and Hansoft.
Other assignments: –
Holdings in the Company:

Martin Ternheim

HR Director sedan 2019
Born: 1977
Education: Ma in International Human Resources Management, University of Greenwich, 2004, och BSc in Human Resources Management, Unitec, 2002.
Background: HR professional with more than 15 years experience, recently as HR Partner with Telenor.
Other assignments:
Holdings in the Company:Directly owns 101 168 shares of series B

Charlotte Albertsson

Head of Business and Financial Control since 2018
Born: 1987
Education: Master of Science in Business and Economics, Linköping University.
Background: Working in finance for 7 years with amongst others Deloitte and Qliro.
Other assignments:
Holdings in the Company: