Mikael Nermark

Acting CEO since December 2018. Deputy CEO since 2009
Born: 1970
Education: Business, Stockholm University.
Background: Executive and expert in the games industry for 20 years with companies such as GRIN, PAN Vision and Vision Park.
Other assignments: Director of all other Swedish Starbreeze subsidiaries of the Company.
Holdings in the Company: Directly or indirectly owns 623,433 Class B shares.

Claes Wenthzel

Acting CFO since December 2018.
Born: 1962
Education: B S C Economics and business administration, Stockholm University.
Background: Financial advisor Ocopeptides AB (publ.), Group CFO Catena Media PLC, CFO Pricer AB (publ.), Financial Advisor Doro AB (publ.), Financial Advisor Mycronic AB (publ.).
Other assignments: Chairman of the Board of Directors Goliath Holding PLC, Wenthzel Holding AB, Wencon AB and PeWe International AB.
Holdings in the Company:

Maeva Sponbergs

Chief Commercial Officer (2019), EVP of Communications (2017)
Born: 1980
Education: IT Project Management, IHM Business School.
Background: Eighteen years’ industry experience and many years of experience in communications and investor relations.
Other assignments: Alternate director of Board Nexus Sweden AB.
Holdings in the Company: Directly or indirectly owns 71 137 Class B shares.

Per Juhlén

Head of Production since 2019
Born: 1976
Education: -.
Background: Has substantial industry experience, latest from 7 years as Senior Development Director at DICE, Starbreeze (2011-2012) and Hansoft.
Other assignments: –
Holdings in the Company:

Martin Ternheim

HR Director / Chief People Officer sedan 2019
Born: 1977
Education: Ma in International Human Resources Management, University of Greenwich, 2004, och BSc in Human Resources Management, Unitec, 2002.
Background: HR professional with more than 15 years experience, recently as HR Partner with Telenor.
Other assignments:
Holdings in the Company:Directly owns 101 168 shares of series B

Charlotte Albertsson

Head of Business and Financial Control since 2018
Born: 1987
Education: Master of Science in Business and Economics, Linköping University.
Background: Working in finance for 7 years with amongst others Deloitte and Qliro.
Other assignments:
Holdings in the Company: