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Financial Year 2018Starbreeze AB (publ)


Financial Year 2017Starbreeze AB (Publ)
2017 2018-04-12
Annual Report 2017
Annual Report 2017
Q4 2018-02-15
Year End Report 2017
Year-end Report 2017
Live stream Q4 2017
Q4 Presentation
Q&A Q4 2017
Q3 2017-11-16
Interim Report Q3
Interim Report Q3 2017
Live stream Q3 2017
Presentation Q3 2017
Q2 2017-08-24
Half Year Report Q2
Interim Report Q2 2017


Q1 2017-05-11
Interim Report Q1
Interim Report Q1 2017
Financial Year 2016Starbreeze AB (Publ)
Q1 2016-05-25
Interim Report
Press release Interim Report Q1 2016 ( with financial statements)
Q2 2016-08-25
Half Year Report
Press release Half Year Report Q2 2016 ( with financial statements)
Q3 2016-11-24
Interim Report 
Interim Report Q3 2016
Q4 2017-02-16
Year-End Report
Year-End report 2016
2016 2017-06-15
Annual Report
Årsredovisning 2016 [In Swedish]
Financial Year 2015/2016Starbreeze AB (Publ) - Note, shortened financial year due to change to calendar year
Q1 2015-11-12
Interim Report
Press release Interim Report Q1 2015-2016
Q2 2015-02-25
Year-end Report
Press release Year End Report 2015-2016
15/16 Annual Report 2015/2016 Annual Report 2015-2016 [In Swedish]


Note that in accordance with the decision taken at the Annual General Meeting in November 2015, Starbreeze changed it’s fiscal year to a standard calendar year for financial reporting. Following reports can be followed in the financial year of 2016.

Financial Year 2014/2015Starbreeze AB (Publ)
Q1 2014-11-13
Interim Report
Press release Interim Report Q1 2014-2015
Q2 2015-02-26
Half Year Report
Press release Half Year Report 2014-2015
Q3 2015-05-13
Interim Report
Press release Interim Report Q3 2014-2015
Q4 2015-08-27
Year-end Report 2014/2015
Press release Year-end Report 2014-2015
14/15 Annual Report 2014/2015
Annual Report 2014-2015 [In Swedish]
Financial Year 2013/2014Starbreeze AB (Publ)
Financial Year 2012/2013Starbreeze AB (Publ)
Fiscal Year 2011/2012Starbreeze AB (Publ)
Fiscal Year 2010/2011Starbreeze AB (Publ)
Q1 Interim Report Q1  Interim Report Q1 [In Swedish]
Q2 Half Year Report Half Year Report [In Swedish]
Q3 Interim Report Q3 Interim Report Q3 [In Swedish]
Q4 Year-end Report 2010/2011  Year-end Report 2010/2011 [In Swedish]
10/11 Annual Report 2010/2011
Annual Report 2010-2011 [In Swedish]
Financial Year 2009/2010Starbreeze AB (Publ)