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CEO Remarks Q3 Report 2019:

Our work to re-focus the business on games with in-house IP is continuing apace and PAYDAY – our biggest asset – is central to our efforts. In parallel, we can see that our cost savings across the Group have begun to have effects during the quarter. We have also determined that it will be possible to further reduce administrative expenses once we are out of reconstruction.

Mikael NermarkActing Starbreeze CEO


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The Starbreeze Board of Directors has ultimate responsibility for the Company in the interests of the Company and all shareholders.

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Starbreeze Management consists of a number of industry veterans and experts in their field.

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A list of the top 10 major shareholders of Starbreeze AB, updated monthly. Includes the total share capital.

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The shareholders exercise their influence over the company at the annual general meeting (AGM).


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