Conversion of shares

Upon request of the shareholder, Class A shares shall be converted to Class B shares. The request for conversion shall be made in writing to the board of directors and shall specify the number of Class A shares to be converted to Class B shares and, if the request does not refer to the entire holding, specify the Class A shares to which the conversion refers. The company shall  notify the conversion to the Swedish Companies Registration Office for registration in the companies register. The conversion is executed once the registration is complete and has been entered in the CSD register.

If your shares are under direct management, you submit your request to Starbreeze AB and ask to convert Class A shares to Class B. If you are a nominee shareholder (a custodian bank holds the shares as the direct owner, for example under a pension savings scheme), you submit your request to the custodian bank and they will send the request for you.

For a direct request to Starbreeze AB, please see the form to submit here:älningssedel-Starbreeze-AB-omvandling.pdf

The request form shall be signed and be submitted via post to:

Starbreeze AB
Att: Investor Relations
Box 7731
103 95 Stockholm

As we’re required to collect the request form as a signed original, you can unfortunately not submit it via email. Also send a copy of the request form to your bank or stock broker so that they are ready to administrate the conversion.