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Starbreeze is applying the “Games as a Service” concept for all its titles. It means that we already in the early design phases start to define how the product will be updated up to three years after its release. This includes free updates, paid larger updates, and community events. Implementing the “Games as a Service” concept allows us to have games like PAYDAY 2 that years after release continue to receive post-launch support and are kept alive by large communities in the millions.

Starbreeze Studios are renowned for our respect for the players of our games. We communicate directly with the end user and ensure we know what’s on their mind. Each game is different, and with each game comes its own sprawling community. We constantly intereact with our communities through our forums and social channels as we continuously work on the titles they love and shape them together with them.

We at Starbreeze Studios live and die by gameplay. The gameplay is the most important aspect of video games development, because its abouty the interaction between the player and the game. Gameplay is about defining the rules of the game world, the challenges the player face, how to overcome them, what losing means, what winning means – and how fun it is. While we ensure all parts of our games are top notch, the gameplay aspect of our games is the key essence.

Starbreeze Studios host some of the most talented Quality- and Game Assurance teams in the industry. They are the gate keepers – they help design, test and ensure the gameplay of our games. They are key stakeholders in our constant search for gameplay perfection and maximum fun.

Through its history, Starbreeze Studios have designed, developed and published games in many genres. A game can be interesting to play along, but these days we feel that games are most fun with others. Why not bring your friends on your next adventure? Today Starbreeze Studios specialise on co-operative gameplay and have it as one of our core game design goals.

Our game pillars are the very core of our DNA when designing games. They’re the mantra we keep on repeating throughout the product lifecycle.


/ Starbreeze Pillars


01.  Gameplay First

Before we design anything about a game, we ask ourselves: how do we want the game to feel?

02.  Have Fun With Friends

Why experience a game alone when you can do it with your friends?

03.  Replayability

How do you make the game fun to play again and again and again, without making it a grind? We have the secret sauce!

04.  Community Care

Our communities mean everything to us. We respect and listen to each and every opinion and constantly implement changes to our games based on our players feedback.

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