Presentation of new suggested Board Member in Starbreeze AB (publ)

At Starbreeze Extraordinary General Meeting to be held on 22 February 2016, Smilegate has proposed that the nomination committee will submit mr Sung, Smilegate Holding's CIO, as a candidate to...

19 02 2016 21:23 / Posted by Starbreeze
Starbreeze CEO Bo Andersson Klint indirectly increases his holding in Starbreeze AB

Starbreeze has been informed by its largest owner Varvtre AB that the company is now solely owned by Bo Andersson Klint, CEO of Starbreeze. Varvtre AB currently holds 12.7% of...

04 05 2015 08:30 / Posted by Starbreeze
Proposal and Presentation of a New Board Member of Starbreeze AB (publ)

These corporate news are available in Swedish and English. At Starbreeze AB's Extraordinary General Meeting Thursday May 15, 2014, an additional Board Member shall be considered to join the Board...

08 05 2014 14:06 / Posted by Almir