Investor relations

Starbreeze partner Acer steps up financing of the StarVR joint venture

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN and TAIPEI, TAIWAN (24 October 2017) Starbreeze AB (NQSE: STAR A, STAR B) and Acer Inc. (TWSE: 2353, LSE: ACID) announce today that a new capitalization plan has...

24 10 2017 08:00 / Posted by Starbreeze
Annual General Shareholders Meeting

11 05 2017 00:00 / Posted by Starbreeze
Starbreeze modifies convertible bond terms to increase financial transparency

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN (August 17, 2016) Starbreeze AB has agreed with Smilegate Holdings Inc as holder of the MSEK 215 convertible bond issued in February 2016, to make certain changes to these...

17 08 2016 07:31 / Posted by Starbreeze