Change in the number of shares and votes in Starbreeze

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN (31 October 2017) − Starbreeze AB today announces that the number of Class B shares increased by 1,425,958 in October. As of today the number of Class A...

31 10 2017 15:30 / Posted by Starbreeze
Starbreeze partner Acer steps up financing of the StarVR joint venture

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN and TAIPEI, TAIWAN (24 October 2017) Starbreeze AB (NQSE: STAR A, STAR B) and Acer Inc. (TWSE: 2353, LSE: ACID) announce today that a new capitalization plan has...

24 10 2017 08:00 / Posted by Starbreeze
Nasdaq Stockholm welcomes Starbreeze to the Main Market!

03 10 2017 11:34 / Posted by Starbreeze
Annual General Shareholders Meeting

11 05 2017 00:00 / Posted by Starbreeze
Första AP-fonden acquires shares from Starbreeze Chairman Michael Hjorth

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN (October, 7, 2016) – In conjunction with Första AP-fonden’s participation in a directed share issue October 6, 2016, the fund also bought an additional 1,850,000 B shares in...

07 10 2016 08:00 / Posted by Starbreeze
Starbreeze successfully completes directed share issue of 385 MSEK

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN (October 7, 2016) - Starbreeze AB today announced today that it after closing October 6 successfully completed a directed share issue of 16,452,991 new B-shares, at a subscription...

07 10 2016 07:30 / Posted by Starbreeze
Starbreeze : Interim Report July 1st – September 30th 2014

Please see the interim report for 1 July - 30 September 2014 below. Press releases in English and Swedish are also available. [icon color="Extra-Color-1" size="tiny" image="icon-file-text-alt"] Pressmeddelande för nedladdning:  2014-11-13 Pressmeddelande Starbreeze AB...

13 11 2014 08:32 / Posted by Almir
NASDAQ OMX Welcomes Starbreeze to First North

These corporate news are available in English. From Nasdaq OMX Pressrelease today Stockholm, May 28 2014: NASDAQ OMX (NASDAQ: NDAQ) announces that the trading in Starbreeze AB (STAR) shares commenced today...

28 05 2014 09:54 / Posted by Almir
Starbreeze: regarding the Extraordinary General Meeting, reverse stock split, the introduction of stock option programs and reinforcement of the Board of Directors

These corporate news are available in Swedish and English. Starbreeze AB, one of Sweden's leading game developers, today announced that a notice of the Extraordinary General Meeting will be made...

14 04 2014 16:45 / Posted by Almir