Lionsgate and Starbreeze to showcase highly anticipated John Wick Chronicles VR game during New York Comic Con

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Santa Monica, Calif. and Stockholm, Sweden, September, 29, 2016—Lionsgate (NYSE: LGF), a premier next generation global content leader, and Starbreeze, an independent creator publisher and distributor of high quality entertainment products, will showcase their highly anticipated, newly titled first-person action shooter VR game, John Wick Chronicles, during New York Comic Con, October 6–9, 2016. The first missions of the game will be released on Steam for HTC Vive in February 2017.

New York Comic Con attendees will be able to demo a 7-minute preview of the first mission of the VR game in HTC Vive, titled John Wick Chronicles: An Eye for an Eye, at the John Wick Chronicles booth at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, hall 1E, booth 1ECC6. Additionally, a bite sized version of the game John Wick Chronicles: Arcade Edition will premiere in the StarVR© HMD at the first location based IMAX VR Center, to be opened later this year in Los Angeles. Additional DLCs (downloadable content) that immerse players into the world of John Wick will be announced soon.

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Starbreeze and Digital Bros sign 4 MUSD exclusive world-wide console retail distribution agreement for “RAID: World War II”, to be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Summer 2017

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STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN (September 27, 2016) Starbreeze AB today announced that the company have entered an agreement with DigitalBros, through its subsidiary 505 Games, an exclusive world-wide retail distribution agreement for the game “RAID: World War II”. The agreement includes the payment of a minimum guarantee amount of royalties of 4 MUSD. Starbreeze retains the digital distribution rights for PC and Console.

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Dead by Daylight Amps up the Survivors with the 80’s Pack – Out Now

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STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN (September 23, 2016). Starbreeze together Behaviour Interactive today released the 2nd update for Dead by Daylight, titled “The 80’s Pack” on digital distribution platform Steam. Our five dear victi… friends, have decided that if they were to be savagely murdered, they might as well do it with style! Dress your favourite survivor with iconic pieces of fashion from the 80’s in this cosmetic pack.

Priced at $2.99, The 80’s Pack includes:

  • The Tartan Special Top, The Skull Print Top, the Siberian Tiger Legs, the Stripes of Power and the Ripped Leggings, for Nea
  • The Patches Denim Jacket, the Ripped Jeans and the Leather Pants, for Jake
  • The College Letterman, the Hooded Training Top, the Sports Leggings and the Mauve Presentation Pants, for Meg
  • The Two-tone Coat, the Electric Jacket, the Pale Jeans and the Red Flash Boots, for Claudette
  • The Surf Tones and Dwight Cubed t-shirts, the Brown Slacks and the Watermelon Pants, for Dwight.

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Kommuniké från extra bolagsstämma i Starbreeze AB (publ)

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Extra bolagsstämma i Starbreeze AB (publ) har hållits klockan 10.00 den 9 september 2016 i Stockholm. Nedan följer en sammanfattning av beslut tagna vid stämman. Fullständiga detaljer avseende besluten framgår av beslutsunderlagen till stämman, se bolagets webbplats

Stämman beslutade med erforderlig majoritet att ge ut ett konvertibelt lån till ACER om 75.515.400,00 kronor. Lånet kan konverteras till nya aktier av serie B till en konverteringskurs (före eventuell omräkning) om 17,82 kronor per aktie. Bolagets aktiekapital (före eventuell omräkning) kan komma att öka med 84.753,520263 kronor genom utbyte mot 4.237.676 B-aktier.

Mot bakgrund av att det generella emissionsbemyndigande som styrelsen erhöll vid årsstämman den 25 maj 2016 väsentligen har använts, till betydande del av tekniska orsaker, beslutade stämman, med erforderlig majoritet, att ge styrelsen ett motsvarat förnyat emissionsbemyndigande om högst tio procent av vid var tid utestående antal aktier.
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505 Games and Starbreeze Are Blowing the Vault Open with ‘The Big Score’ for PAYDAY 2: Crimewave Edition

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505 Games and Starbreeze Are Blowing the Vault Open with ‘The Big Score’ for PAYDAY 2: Crimewave Edition

Expansive DLC for PAYDAY 2 available later today on PS4 in the US.

Xbox One and Retail Release to Follow.

CALABASAS, Calif. — Sept. 7, 2016 — 505 Games and Starbreeze AB, an independent creator, publisher and distributor of high quality entertainment, are opening the vault and offering fans of PAYDAY 2: Crimewave Edition a hotly-anticipated content update –’The Big Score‘ bundle available later today on PlayStation 4 in the US (September 9 for the EU) with Xbox One coming in the next few days.  Adding to PAYDAY 2’s thrilling co-op multiplayer shooter experience, The Big Score will provide an impressive payout of 10 premium DLC packs giving fans hours of heinous bank-breaking action.

PAYDAY 2: Crimewave Edition brings the tense thrill of planning and pulling off heists as up to four players must work together to complete a number of illegal, strategic and action-heavy jobs, including robbing banks, for their big pay day. As missions are completed, players can change up their playstyle with upgrades to their skillset, guns and gear – all in stunning 1080p HD visuals.

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Acer and Starbreeze Announce First Shipment of StarVR Head-Mounted Displays

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Marks first key milestone in bringing VR experiences to new heights

BERLIN, GERMANY (August 31, 2016) Acer (TWSE: 2353, LSE: ACID) and Starbreeze AB (First North: STAR) today announced at a global press conference in Berlin that they have started to ship StarVR® Virtual Reality (VR) Head-Mounted Displays (HMD) to IMAX Corporation in preparation for the highly anticipated opening of the IMAX VR® Center in Los Angeles, expected later this year, and others in the near future. Earlier in 2016, Acer committed to delivering a small volume of units of StarVR® HMDs this year with mass production of the devices to commence in 2017. Also on hand at the press conference were Bo Andersson Klint, CEO at Starbreeze and Rob Lister, Chief Business Development Officer at IMAX Corporation.

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Beslutsunderlag för extrastämman, 9:e september 2016, i Starbreeze finns nu tillgängliga

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These corporate news are only available in Swedish

Beslutsunderlag inför extrastämman 2016 i Starbreeze AB (publ) finns nu tillgängliga på Starbreeze hemsida.

Starbreeze håller extrastämma fredagen den 9 september 2016 klockan 10:00 på Hannes Snellman Advokatbyrå, Kungsträdgårdsgatan 20, Stockholm. Se mer information i kallelsen till årsstämman i Starbreeze AB (publ) 2016-09-09

 Punkt 7 –  Styrelsens förslag till beslut om emission av konvertibel
 Punkt 8 – Styrelsens förslag till beslut om justering i existerande emissionsbemyndigande för styrelsen
 Styrelsens och revisorns redogörelser enligt 15 kap  8 § aktiebolagslagen


Sammandrag: #starholders community AMA/QA på Discord

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This news item is only available in Swedish

Starbreeze gästade under torsdagkvällen ett av de större aktieägarforumen på plattformen Discord och ställde upp på en AMA/QA (en så kallad “Ask me Anything eller “Questions and Answers”). Eventet syftade till att ge en bättre förståelse för Starbreeze affär och ge möjlighet till att ställa frågor till bolagets representanter av mer lättsam karaktär. Svarade på frågor gjorde företagets IR-ansvariga tillsammans med CFO. Nedan följer ett sammandrag* :

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Starbreeze AB (publ) Half Year Q2 Report April 1 -June 30

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The full Q2 report is available at Financial statements in English are available at the end of this document.


Note that in accordance with the decision taken on the Annual General Meeting in November 2015, this is the second quarterly report after changing the company’s fiscal year to calendar year. The comparative period Q2 2015 corresponds to April-June 2015, previously named Q4 2014/2015.

The next report to be issued will thus be Q3 2016 and will be released on 24 November 2016.

 Read the full report (Swedish):  Starbreeze AB (publ) Half Year Q2 report April 1 2016 – June 30 2016
 Pressmeddelandet för nedladdning: Pressmeddelande halvårsrapport 1 april 2016 – 30 juni 2016

Press release for download: Press Release Half Year Report April 1 – June 30 2016

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