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Teaming Up to Win 

Meet the Team

Starbreeze is all about co-creation, both in gameplay and game development.

Our team is a solid mix of 170+ great people, all with diverse specializations and backgrounds. What we all have in common? We love making great games together and want to have fun doing it. It’s what creates that unstoppable force you recognize in our games, we work as one team!

Let’s Hear it From the Team

You’re probably wondering what it’s like planning bank heists for a living? Or getting your work seen by millions of people as an intern? Let’s give the word to some of the people making our games a reality.

Kelly Phillips

Animation director

April 2018 - May 2019,
and since October 2022

I feel Starbreeze is exactly on that right path and believe it will show in the games we make from here on.

There is a very real and tangible feeling of huge potential within the studio. Starbreeze is a very different place to the one I left back in 2019, so I’m very excited to see where all this potential will take us! We have been through some tough times in the past, but we have learned from it. There has been an injection of fresh blood and a wealth of experience that has been hugely beneficial to the studio

Q. What about the Animation team at Starbreeze stands out?
For me the most notable quality of our animation department is the team spirit and culture – it is fantastic! Everyone chips in to help one another and has a great deal of respect for each other’s strengths and weaknesses. While we have strong talent and leadership skills within the team, there are no big egos. This is especially notable as we have a very mixed team of animators; different countries of origin, different levels of seniority, different backgrounds and experiences that lead each animator to Starbreeze.

Eva Åsberg

EB & HR Specialist

Since March 2016

It’s a special thing to work with people who simply just love what they do each day.

Starbreeze is a very diverse company in all areas, and thanks to that we have created a sort of a “come as you are”-culture. The old stereotypes of the gaming industry are now way outdated. It’s no longer a harsh “dudes crunching in a cave”-world, but rather an amazing mix of personalities that are aligned in the fact that all angles and backgrounds are needed to create awesomeness.

Sure, it still takes commitment to deliver a game, but that comes naturally if you let the passion of happy people be the guiding light.

Daniel Rydberg

Lead Sound Designer 

Since June 2013

Being surrounded by super talented, driven and overall awesome colleagues makes it fun to go to work and that's what makes Starbreeze great.

A big part of Payday’s success has been the VO from both enemies and heisters. There are plenty of memorable and funny lines that have gotten special recognition by the fans. The music is what drives the heists forward, gets you pumped and deceivingly tapping into your greed to go for that extra bag, even when you know it’s not a good idea.

The evolution of the company has given me the opportunity to really broaden my experience for these past 10 years. From shooting live-action trailers to planning audio systems in VR parks and, of course, making kick ass games on various platforms and genres. But the biggest reason for why I’ve stayed is the people and the culture. We’re a small team with a big sound.

Ling Jiang

Quality Assurer

November 2022 - May 2023

To anybody thinking about taking an internship – go for it! It'll be for sure one of the best experiences in your life.

There is so much to learn by being inside and behind the curtains of a game developing company. You’ll be inspired, evolve and thrive. Hopefully creating memories and gaining experiences that will elevate you both personally and professionally.

The tough and hectic parts are compensated for with all the joy and motivation we get from delivering good quality products.

Mikael Eyewood

Head of Quality Assurance

Since July 2014

A lot of people think that the job is sitting on a couch and playing a game from start to finish. In reality it is much more challenging than that.

Every aspect of a game has to be tried and tested. And then there is also the fun too, of course. We really are a dedicated team of varying backgrounds. Everyone brings something unique whether it is experience, education or expertise

Q. Are there any similarities between bank robbers and the QA team?
Planning, planning, planning. And then adapting when that plan fails.

Wendy Young

Head of Operations

Since June 2022

Starbreeze is moving in many interesting directions which creates lots of opportunities.

Marcus Paulsson

Junior Marketing Motion Graphic Designer

Since September 2022

To work with games that make DLCs is very fun. Because then you can really build a relationship together with the community over a longer period of time.

Vincent Hellberg

Marketing Graphic Designer

Since September 2022

Working with the different DLCs for PAYDAY 2 has kept assignments fresh and different.

Maria Rybochkina

Senior 3d Artist

Since March 2021

We have a great working environment, heartwarming people and amazing projects with a lot of creative freedom and responsibility.

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