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Third patch of “Operation Medic Bag” out now with Quickplay and more

May 2nd, 2024

“Operation Medic Bag” is a focused effort to respond to community expectations and improve PAYDAY 3. The initiative covers a range of sought-after features and improvements to gameplay, stability, matchmaking, content and enhanced features. The third patch of “Operation Medic Bag” includes new quickplay, ability to merge players into party post-game, skip mission intro, shock grenade and several fixes such as over 90 percent of all server crashes and over 70 percent of all client crashes. Read the patch notes here.

As we gear up for an intense summer for the PAYDAY 3 team, more and more features are being finished, painting a more clear image of what the game should be. Our focus has been on stability and ensuring we can deliver what we want at the pace you want, and now finally we’re starting to see the fruits of that labor.” says Andreas Häll-Penninger, lead producer PAYDAY 3.

Updates under the “Operation Medic Bag” umbrella are scheduled to increase in cadence, releasing smaller updates more frequently over time. This will allow players to see more consistent progress to the game and the community to give feedback on each update.

Overview of changelog

●         First iteration of Quickplay feature.

●         New Post-Game Party Up feature, as crime is better with friends.

●         New Shock Grenade that creates a short-time shock effect, disabling any enemy caught within.

●         Ability to skip mission intro.

●         Escape Van is open for business – jump inside to hide from the storm of bullets.

●         New unique Weapon Inspect animations for assault rifles.

●         Gameplay improvements, Tech improvements and general fixes.

●         Read the full patch notes here.

About “Operation Medic Bag”
A team consisting of veteran developers from the design, community, communication and production teams has reviewed and revisited all aspects of PAYDAY 3, identifying the most impactful changes and reprioritized the development pipeline.

For more detailed information, see this post from the PAYDAY 3 team.


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About PAYDAY™ 3
The four most well-known clown-masked criminals in recent video game history returned from retirement last September in PAYDAY 3 on PC via PC Game Pass, on Steam and Epic Games Store, as well as Xbox Series S|X, on Console Game Pass, PlayStation 5 and GeForce Now.

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