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The Tribe Must Survive

Whatever it takes... The Tribe Must Survive!

Set in a gloomy lovecraftian stone age The Tribe Must Survive is about finding ways to grow and to protect your tribe from what lurks in the shadows around it. All your tribe members have their own personality and AI-will and generally only do what they want. Fortunately you can manipulate them with rituals, buildings, upgrades and other difficult decisions to get things done.


Developed by

Walking Tree Games

Published by

Starbreeze Entertainment



Lead Your Tribe

In The Tribe Must Survive, the player is put in charge of building and managing a tribe. You’ll have to navigate resource collection, building, technology and tribal dynamics to their fullest in order to survive the hidden dangers of the night. Can you guide the tribe out of darkness?

Wishlist on Steam

Out of the Darkness

The player must safeguard the tribe not only from internal conflicts and the ravages of the world, but from the many dangers lurking in the darkness itself. As the player, you’ll need to ensure to have the resources and foresight to prevent any members of your tribe from falling victim to despair or the unseen horrors of night.

Into the Outer World

Do you risk a good worker on a potentially deadly journey? Do you spend resources on exploring or exploiting? The player will be faced with many challenges and decisions, and is tasked with balancing the current needs against the needs of the future in order to have a hope at tribe’s survival.

The Tribe Must Survive

There’s no single way to survive, each tribe will have different advantages and troubles for the player to solve. The game is made to be a challenge, though each failure only serves to bring you closer to the next success.

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Early Access on Steam

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