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The Tribe Must Survive

Whatever it takes... The Tribe Must Survive!

The Tribe Must Survive is a survival base builder strategy game set in a harsh Lovecraftian Stone Age. Build your camp, overcome disasters and uncover new areas. Manage fears and diminish internal conflicts, as your Tribe grows. Every decision matters. Will your Tribe survive?


Developed by

Walking Tree Games

Published by

Starbreeze Entertainment



Lead Your Tribe

Each Tribe member's behavior is dynamic, influenced by their unique traits and needs. You can guide them through work assignments, resource management, and decisions on building and technology upgrades. Ease Fear levels, organize rituals, and make key choices to help your Tribe persevere against upcoming disasters.

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Into the Outer World

Resources near the campfire are limited. Launch Journeys into the Outer World for vital supplies. Successful ventures allow you to establish new outposts and trade routes. Can you afford to take the risk of uncertain expeditions? Or will you do nothing and risk stagnation? Navigate a number of decisions of risk vs reward, and short term vs long term benefits.

Through the Darkness

Your choices shape the Tribe's opinions in many different ways, leading to emerging Factions and potential Inner Conflicts. Such events can significantly alter your playthrough. Be mindful of spiritual and philosophical needs, maintain cohesion and safeguard against internal threats.

Live to Tell Endless Tales

Each playthrough presents new challenges and opportunities, like procedurally generated maps and a unique mix of Events and Perks. Complete goals to unlock additional perks that can help in your next playthrough. When you feel up to it, set yourself a new Challenge Level to overcome. Win or lose, there is always something to work towards and learn, bringing you closer to the next breakthrough. Whatever it takes... The Tribe Must Survive!

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Early Access on Steam

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