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Starbreeze Studios has been publishing titles since 2016. The first title was made by Canadian independent developer Behaviour Interactive. The game was Dead by Daylight, the global hit asymmetrical multiplayer horror game where four survivors are pitted against a horrific killer. Dead by Daylight garnered a lot of attention, specifically among the streaming community online, selling more than 2 million units on PC in little over twelve months. Since its release in 2016 the game has enjoyed host of original content updates both free and paid, as well as collaborations with several world class horror IP’s including Leatherface TM and HALLOWEEN (C).

Since then, Starbreeze Studios have signed projects with respected independent developers such as Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Productions with Psychonauts 2 as well as Warren Spector’s OtherSide Entertainment and their game System Shock 3.

Since we are a developer ourselves, we tend to know what challenges our partner developers are facing and because of this, we are able to support them in ways they might not have received support before. It might be anything from supporting with QA to ensuring the developer has the creative freedom they need to finalize their vision of their game.

Starbreeze Studios has a complete publishing solution with global in-house production and marketing teams that works directly together with the partner studio during the entire pre-production, development and post-launch of the game. We work with great partners including publishers, outsourcers, retailers and influencers. Our simple goal is this: to help create great independent game experiences.

Our work with our publishing department goes beyond your average affair. Working with our publishing partners and independent developers is an absolute joy and a privilege. Helping other creators of videogames such as ourselves get their games realised is the best feeling ever.
Almir ListoStarbreeze Global Brand Director


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