Q&A StarVR delisted from Taipei Exchange

Q&A StarVR delisted from Taipei Exchange


Why is StarVR being delisted?

The board of directors of StarVR cited the market situation in the industry and the company’s business plan and strategy as the reasons for the decision. Delisting is expected to increase business flexibility.


Will Starbreeze remain an owner of StarVR?

This decision does not affect Starbreeze’s ownership. Starbreeze has not decided to change its minority interest of 33 percent in StarVR.


How will the delisting affect the value of StarVR?

In our assessment, the value of StarVR will not be affected. The company’s listing has been on a small emerging markets board with very limited trade in the share, with approximately 3 percent of shares outstanding available for trade. The total market value based on the share price on the Taipei Exchange was SEK 941 million as of 5 November 2018.


How will this affect StarVR’s IPO plans?

StarVR has stated that this decision will increase business flexibility. It should be noted that the company will no longer be public.


Is StarVR going to be listed on any other market?

StarVR has announced that there are no plans for alternative listings at this time.


What will happen to minor shareholders?

StarVR has informed the market that they will comply with Taipei Exchange delisting regulations.


Does the decision affect the relationship between Starbreeze and Acer?

No, it does not. Our relationship has not changed and both companies will remain owners of StarVR.


Will the Starbreeze VR Tech team still be transferred to StarVR as communicated in the Q3 report?

Today’s decision has no impact on our agreement with StarVR concerning the team.


How are things going for StarVR?

StarVR has reported its results for the first half of 2018. The company has previously noted that it is focusing on maximizing sales to the B2B market. The decision to delist StarVR was made to increase flexibility.


How will this affect the launch of StarVR One?

StarVR has reported that the decision will not affect the product launch plan for the StarVR One headset.