Games Title Release Schedule

Game Title Release Schedule

PAYDAY: The Heist PSN & PC Released 2011
PAYDAY 2 PC Released 2013
PAYDAY 2: Crimewave Edition PS4 & XBONE Released 2015
PAYDAY 2: The Big Score PS4 & XBONE Released 2016
OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead PC, PS4 & XBONE In Production 2018
Geminose Nintendo Switch In Production TBC
PAYDAY Crime War Mobile In Production TBC
Project Crossfire PC In Pre-Production TBC
Storm PC In Pre-Production TBC
PAYDAY 3 PC Design Phase TBC
Dead by Daylight PC Released 2016
John Wick Chronicles VR PC & LBE Released 9 Feb 2017
Dead by Daylight PS4 & XBONE Released June 20/23 2017
Antisphere PC & Consoles Released 14 July, 2017
RAID: World War II PC, PS4 & XBONE Released / In production PC September 26th 2017, Consoles October 10/13.
Psychonauts 2 Multiformat In Production 2018
System Shock 3 Multiformat In Production TBC
Deliver Us The Moon PC In Production TBC
Elementerra VR PC In Production TBC
The Raft VR LBE In Production TBC
Hero VR LBE In Production TBC
APE-X VR LBE In Production TBC
Project Golem VR LBE In Production TBC

Titles and dates are subject to change. Latest update: September 29, 2017 (minor updates). TBC means To be Confirmed.